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Bronze Star Medal




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Staff Sergeant Robert H Navarette served in the US Army from June 5, 1944 – June 16, 1949. He is a Former POW WWII European Theater. He never received his Bronze Star Medal or his POW Medal.

On May 3, 2016, After tireless effort by Roberts daughter Eileen Stinchfield and her husband Dan, the VFW Post 2666 (Hillsboro), American Legion Post 104 (Aloha), Honor Flight of Portland Oregon and the Hillsboro Elks Lodge 1862 had the honor to come together and conduct a Bronze Star Medal and POW Medal awards ceremony for Staff Sergeant Robert H Navarrete. Brigadier General Steven R. Beach, Assistant Adjutant General and Sergeant first class (SFC) Becker presented the medals.

Robert H Navarett served in the US Army from June 5, 1944 to April 6, 1946 when he was honorably discharged. He fought in WWII Germany and was captured March 2, 1945 and remained in captivity at Stalag 12-A until being liberated by the US soldiers on March 27, 1945. He was one of three listed as MIA from his unit 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, Company B 1st Battalion. Robert is a Former POW WWII European Theater, and was honorably discharged. He reenlisted June 28, 1946 – June 16, 1949 he obtained the rank of Staff Sergeant and was honorably discharged.

Medals earned for exceptionally meritorious wartime service in 1945 awarded May 3, 2016 (71 years):
Bronze Star is based on the award of the Combat infantry Badge. POW Medal based on MIA POW Status from March 2, 1945 to March 27. 1945.

Bronze Star Medal award

While serving with Company B, 1st Battalion, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division during the Spring of 1945, Sgt Robert H NavaretteĀ  performed in a sustained and meritorious manner while engaged in armed combat against an armed enemy of the United States. He endured many hardships and performed all assigned duties in a meritorious manner. For this outstanding achievement he is hereby awarded the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service. Wear it with pride.

POW Medal Award

While serving with Company B, 1st Battalion, 331st Infantry Regiment, 83rd Infantry Division, Sgt Robert H Navarette was captured 2 March 1945 while engaged in ground combat against the forces of Germany. He was interred at Stalig 12 until being liberated by allied forces on 27 March 1945. He endured his captivity with honor and distinction and for this action is hereby awarded the WWII Prisoner of War Medal. Wear it with pride.

Video of Robert Navarette Medal Ceremony provided by Eileen Stinchfield

Photos by Keith Morey

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